Lisa Jander is a Certified Life & Career Coach, perfecting her craft and proficiency for over 15 years.

As a Master of Resilience and a Dream Achiever, Lisa has developed a keen intuition about the all-encompassing human experience. She gives her clients the ability to embrace transitions, in work and in life, with courage and confidence.

Her superpower is delivering simple yet profound analogies to help her clients shift their thinking about the world around them. Lisa meets people right where they are and gives them tools to easily implement new habits and unleash extraordinary lives that become exceptional legacies.

Lisa is a fearless entrepreneur that has been a sous chef in Vail, Colorado, a professional matchmaker, a jewelry designer, a real estate investor, a public speaker, and an artist. Her proudest accomplishments to date would be the book she wrote for parents of teens, and the indoor aquaponics farm she built in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria.

As a Legacy Advocate, Lisa has paved the way for many others to awaken their dreams and set them free.

A Note from Lisa

Growing up near Detroit shifted my perspective on everything.

I can’t help talking in “car speak!”

It literally fueled the premise of my first book and has become a staple in my truckload of analogies.

It has always been my mission to get the most out of life and to help others do the same. Whether in relationships, work/life balance, or the golden years. I just get revved up helping people squeeze the last drop out of every precious moment of this thing we call “life.”

I believe encore career coaching should be an individual journey – not a group exercise. For almost 2 decades, I have been coaching individuals to find a path that creates balance, welcomes change, and is where freedom is discovered.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

~ C.S. Lewis

My methodology is unique and integrative; I believe in incorporating the whole person including the whole brain. Your personal brand and resume start between your ears. There are plenty of great resume writers out there that will help you land a job, but will they also make sure you:

  • Transition without stress?
  • Have an impact where you work?
  • Create work-life balance?
  • Live a positive mindset in all areas of your life?

When we address the real estate between your ears, your encore career will be wildly fulfilling. You can build a reservoir of perseverance that will allow you to embrace the ups and downs ahead. Developing your thought process is the only way to get sustainable results.

To learn to think is to learn how to live.

~ Dan Custer

Level 50 is a mindset, not an age. I am a Master of Resilience and an Encouragement Coach that will help you prepare for the journey ahead if you are willing to shift your perspective and take charge of your future.

If you are ready to ditch a mediocre life, let’s get together on a call. Talk soon!