Encore Career Accelerator™ is a highly effective, personalized fast track to more money, impact, and freedom. Discover how to:

  • Uncover your genius, overcome limiting beliefs, and ditch the fear.
  • Showcase your skills, experience, and contribution.
  • Create a clear roadmap to land job offers.
  • Craft a powerful personal brand and resume that makes you stand out.
  • Position yourself on LinkedIn as a top candidate in your industry.
  • Increase your confidence and perfect your interview skills.
  • Effectively ask for endorsements and find high-quality connections.
  • Understand your value and how to confidently negotiate your salary.

“Change is driven by the push of discomfort and the pull of hope.”

The E.N.G.I.N.E. that drives results:

E-Expand your experience – Get laser-focused on what you have successfully done in the past and learn to capitalize on your skills, assets, and experience. Discover who you are at this stage of life and bring your uniqueness and wisdom front and center to position yourself confidently for the job search. Showcase your contribution through assessments that reveal your true strengths, passions, and desires. Build an action plan to position you to get hired.

N – Nail your personal brand and resume – Create a powerful Personal Brand that grabs the attention of recruiters and employers and makes you stand out. Craft a brilliant resume that is dynamic and action-oriented. Position your brand, craft career narratives, and define your life legacy. Format your resume for impact and performance. Highlight your competencies and use your technical skills and professional experiences to really stand out.

G – Get noticed on LinkedIn. Make your LinkedIn profile work for you with job alerts that drive traffic to your inbox. Showcase your uniqueness and draw opportunities to you.  Learn how to make a great impression and take action through organized systems, processes, and resources that drive results.

I –   Interview prep. Increase your confidence and perfect your presentation with recorded mock interviews. Master zoom, teams, and skype interviews and what’s changed since in-person interviews. Plan for upcoming interviews with research and be prepared to answer behavioral questions. Create a personalized roadmap to help you land job offers.

N – Navigate networking and negotiations. Learn how to effectively ask for endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn to improve your visibility and persona. Know where to look for connections in your industry and get on the radar for job openings in your field. Learn to negotiate your salary like a pro before you land a job.

E – Embrace the transition  – As you secure a new position, create balance in the other areas of your life and make the changes necessary to shift with ease. Gain confidence in your new role and lean into what you bring to the table. Be intentional about your priorities and make time to follow your dreams and do the things you love.

Get your encore career on the fast track and discover what’s possible!

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